Home Loan for Firefighters

American Hero Mortgage is a leader in no point, no origination fee mortgage loans.  Fire Fighters in Florida who are buying, selling or refinancing a home can benefit from this program. Rates are not going to stay low forever. Now is the right time to get that house you always wanted. Reduce or eliminate mortgage insurance on your present loan. Our program is dedicated to the many State Heroes that put their personal life on hold each day to serve, protect and care for our communities.

FHA Home Loans for Firefighters

If you are a first time home buyer, and would like to place as little money down as possible we recommend FHA loans. The FHA is a government-backed loan that is highly popular due to the minimal down payment requirements and easy qualification guidelines. Borrowers get to select various terms and better rates than a conventional loan. The primary difference is that the government insures the borrower, and we as the lender assume much less risk when funding an FHA loan. In an effort to make owning a home more affordable, the Federal Housing Administration will dramatically cut the costs associated with the mortgages it backs by decreasing the Mortgage Insurance.
Another reason FHA loans are a great option is the refinancing programs they provide. If you are already on a FHA insured loan, you may qualify for an FHA streamline refinance which is one of the easiest refinance programs available today. It requires very few conditions prior to funding the new loan, including no income or credit documentation, and the original appraisal can be used again, which saves you time and money.

Firefighter Mortgages are.

  •   SECURE because firefighters also have a generally stable income
  •   ECONOMICAL compared to traditional loans thanks to low mortgage
  •   A SALUTE  to those who protect life and property
Fire Departments, Firefighters, Fire Inspectors, Fire Investigators, Fire Prevention Specialists, EMS personnel, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics may be eligible whether volunteer or paid. All Firemen/ Departments can qualify regardless if the Firefighter is paid or volunteer. Fireman must be presently active. Many first responders are also veterans, meaning they qualify for all of the perks that come along with VA loans - such as no down payment, lower rates and no mortgage insurance.

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Loans for Firefighters

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Loans for Firefighters