I have been in Law Enforcement for 18 years.  During that time I have heard of businesses that assist first responders but never actually contacted any of them.  From the moment I spoke to Morry I could tell that he was genuine .  Me and my wife both felt at ease as he patiently helped us refinance our home. We had plenty of existing equity and good credit ratings so Morry promised a quick closing.  A quick closing was our biggest demand because my wife needed to stop working to care for her elderly mom.  


We were able to close in 17 days.   

D Marrero

Posted by Morris Newman on September 14th, 2018 12:34 PM

In purchasing a house, I knew more important then the realtor, who was I going to be engaging with regarding my mortgage?   Who was going to create a plan for me to find the best mortgage, follow up with me, instruct and educate me through the entire process, making sure I knew what to expect.  I was lucky to find Morry Newman at American Hero Mortgage, a Florida based mortgage company that prides itself on making sure their clients feel comfortable during the entire process.  A few times I called Morry and without hesitation he was there to answer my questions,  instruct me on what to expect and lay out a process that I could follow as someone not experienced in the Realtor market.   Confidence and commitment are key attributes, Morry gave me during my entire process and I cannot thank them enough.  I would highly advise anyone looking for a mortgage to call Morry at American Hero Mortgage.   5  star service! Thank you Morry Newman!


Jason Thomas RN

Posted by Morris Newman on July 23rd, 2018 1:42 PM
Dear Morry,

We would like to take a moment to extend our greatest appreciation for your extraordinary efforts on our behalf. Purchasing our first home was such a smooth process due to your knowledge and diligence. You were always there to answer our calls and endless questions. We found the perfect home due to your search for houses that fit exactly what we were looking for. The promptness and thoughtfulness you gave to us during our process was nothing short of spectacular. You made our closing very simple and explained everything throughout the whole process in detail. Since our closing you have reached out to make sure there weren't any questions or issues with the home which we greatly appreciate.

Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do!


Parris and Mallory Gordon Navy Recruiters
Posted by Morris Newman on June 27th, 2018 9:18 AM

Morry assisted me in the purchase of my new home. The home in a very desirable part of Coconut Creek, FL. Morry provided support at every step of the process which included finding the perfect home, placing an appropriate offer and directing me through a complicated closing process. Morry’s skills and experience were especially apparent when constructing the offer of my new home.  When multiple offers were presented, Morry advised me on my best options and helped me design a winning bid. I feel certain that his expertise was crucial to my offer being accepted above the others. I believe in Morry Newman. His skills, experience and knowledge are what made it possible for me to own my wonderful new home. Morry will be my first referral when I hear of someone in need of a Realtor!!

 Dewayne Scott - Navy Recruiter Ft Lauderdale

Posted in:Navy and tagged: NavyRecruiterFtLauderdale
Posted by Morris Newman on June 4th, 2018 9:58 AM


My Wife and I wanted to Thank you for all your assistance with purchasing our new home. We started looking at a home in Plantation and the deal did not go through , but you did not give up . You found us a  home that was even better than the first house you originally  showed me.  Words can not explain your persistence and determination to find the house of my dreams. I am so glad I met you and would definitely recommend your services to all my customers, family and friends. Thanks for all the help making this process seem easy as one, two, three.



Reginald Walker

General Manager


Posted by Morris Newman on June 4th, 2018 9:49 AM

Thank you Mr. Morris Newman for the second time around you have accomplished what many mortgage individual can't and that's making a hard deal go through. You sir are a making it happen type of man. Your knowledge in getting deals done and approved are amazing. My wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. See you on the next one

Mr. & Mrs. E / Y. Ocasio

Posted by Morris Newman on April 23rd, 2018 8:02 AM

Many veterans are unaware of the advantages a VA loan program provides them. As a result, they often end up paying more than they should for a home loan. Here's what one of our happy clients had to say about the education we gave him on the VA Loan:

I joined the military in 1989 to serve my country. In 1991 I was activated for war in Desert Storm. When I got home from the war I wanted to buy a house but did not know anything about the VA loan. I told the Realtor that I was a combat veteran and I want to use my VA loan. I heard that I could buy a house using my VA. I was in the military for 5 years and no one ever gave me a class on my VA benefits. My realtor did not know anything about the VA loan either so she got me an FHA loan. Not knowing the benefits or getting a class on it I just went with the FHA loan. That was in 1994 when I bought my 1st home with an FHA loan. With the FHA loan, I was required to put money down on the house. I was not able to put 20% down so I was also required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). PMI raised my monthly mortgage by several hundred dollars for the next 5 years. I got a 30-year fixed loan with a high-interest rate.

Because I was not aware of my VA benefits I ended paying more for my house then I should of.

I have been in the Military for over 28 years and till this day I have never gotten a class on my VA loan benefits. Through a mutual friend, I met Morry Newman from America Hero Mortgage. Morry is a certified VA loan specialist. Morry took the time to give me a class on the benefits of using a VA loan vs an FHA loan.

Knowing what I know now I wish somebody would have educated me on this prior to buying my 1st house in 1994. I have decided I would not let this information not be shared with other military members. Today as I travel for the military all over the United States I share the knowledge that I got from American Hero Mortgage.

Last year I moved from that house I bought in 1994 and bought my dream house that my family and I are living in today. By using my VA loan I did not have to come up with a down payment. If I would of went FHA and put 10% down I would need a $40,000 down payment. With my new VA loan, I did not have to pay for PMI. That’s a saving of $200.00 or more every month that will not help to pay down my mortgage. I was also able to get a really low-interest rate with the VA loan that is way better then other types of loans banks will give you. By having a lower interest rate this will also help me have a lower monthly mortgage.

They say, "Knowledge is Power." Now that I know about the VA loan, thanks to American Hero Mortgage, I am sharing and educating with all military members the 3 key benefits of the VA loan which are: no down payment, low-interest rates & no PMI. Knowledge is not only power but knowledge about the VA loan will also save you a lot of money.

Abiud (Abi) Montes

Posted in:General
Posted by Morris Newman on April 19th, 2018 12:57 PM

I am writing to let you know of my wonderful experience with American Hero Mortgage and Morris Newman. Prior to contacting Morris, I was getting the run around by another Lender and felt that I was being lied to.  I chose to look for a new lender and found American Hero Mortgage.  I called and spoke to Morris Newman.  He gave me his full attention and I was immediately qualified for a loan.  He gave me an estimated house payment and closing costs up front.  The estimate ended up being very accurate.  Morris kept in contact with me and answered any/every question I had.  He went above and beyond and there were never any surprises.  I even had the option of closing ahead of time if I wanted to.  The entire loan process with American Hero Mortgage went very well.  Morris is highly motivated and informative about everything within the loan process.  Morris not only was my lender but he has also become a friend. He is very trustworthy and knows his job.  I have and will recommend him to any of my friends, family or colleagues. Thank You Morris Newman and American Hero Mortgage for making my home buying experience as easy as possible! You are the best!

Christy Zugelter, Deputy Sheriff with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Posted by Morris Newman on March 12th, 2018 9:00 AM
I have been trying to use my VA loan for a couple years. The VA provided 2 realtors during the duration that would send me random locations and put forth minimal effort to help me. They would always advise that the VA loan is hard to use and that no one accepts them. I had given up all hope in finding a home. My coworkers referred me to Morry Newman who worked with them in purchasing a home. I contacted Morry and he instantly asked me the type and style I was looking for. I sent him a property as an example; an open modern style with an open floor layout. He brought me to that exact house the very same day and gave my girlfriend and I a tour; we instantly fell in love with it. We observed some things around the residence that needed to be addressed. For example, the stovetop was missing and the seller advised he would put a stove hood above it. Morry made contact with the seller and told him I was interested in using my VA loan. The seller agreed to fix the issues prior to closing. An offer was placed on the house and we began the waiting game. The seller had some trouble with the city and old liens, which delayed the closing for about 8 months, but Morry was awesome at keeping us up-to-date with the situation and how we would move forward. After the seller took care of the liens we closed on the house. To our surprise the cooktop and the stove hood were not installed. Morry repeatedly contacted the seller and pressed him to get them installed. The cooktop was installed a week later. The seller was playing phone tag when it came to the stove hood. After a couple months of back and forth, the seller agreed to write a check for the stove hood. Overall, Morry made purchasing my first home painless and update me every step of the way. I would refer Morry to any veteran that is interested in using their VA benefits. Michael Baranet  - Police Officer - US Marine Veteran
Posted by Morris Newman on March 8th, 2018 9:22 AM

Morry of American Hero Mortgage worked wonders and made what I thought impossible a reality. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Communication was always great and we had everything in order in a short amount of time. The buying of my home was done very quickly...faster than any other home I've purchased.

Thanks again Morry.

Alan Scagliarini - Firefighter

Posted by Morris Newman on March 2nd, 2018 9:27 AM

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