3 VA Loan Benefits Veterans Can Take Advantage Of

April 19th, 2018 12:57 PM by Morris Newman

Many veterans are unaware of the advantages a VA loan program provides them. As a result, they often end up paying more than they should for a home loan. Here's what one of our happy clients had to say about the education we gave him on the VA Loan:

I joined the military in 1989 to serve my country. In 1991 I was activated for war in Desert Storm. When I got home from the war I wanted to buy a house but did not know anything about the VA loan. I told the Realtor that I was a combat veteran and I want to use my VA loan. I heard that I could buy a house using my VA. I was in the military for 5 years and no one ever gave me a class on my VA benefits. My realtor did not know anything about the VA loan either so she got me an FHA loan. Not knowing the benefits or getting a class on it I just went with the FHA loan. That was in 1994 when I bought my 1st home with an FHA loan. With the FHA loan, I was required to put money down on the house. I was not able to put 20% down so I was also required to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). PMI raised my monthly mortgage by several hundred dollars for the next 5 years. I got a 30-year fixed loan with a high-interest rate.

Because I was not aware of my VA benefits I ended paying more for my house then I should of.

I have been in the Military for over 28 years and till this day I have never gotten a class on my VA loan benefits. Through a mutual friend, I met Morry Newman from America Hero Mortgage. Morry is a certified VA loan specialist. Morry took the time to give me a class on the benefits of using a VA loan vs an FHA loan.

Knowing what I know now I wish somebody would have educated me on this prior to buying my 1st house in 1994. I have decided I would not let this information not be shared with other military members. Today as I travel for the military all over the United States I share the knowledge that I got from American Hero Mortgage.

Last year I moved from that house I bought in 1994 and bought my dream house that my family and I are living in today. By using my VA loan I did not have to come up with a down payment. If I would of went FHA and put 10% down I would need a $40,000 down payment. With my new VA loan, I did not have to pay for PMI. That’s a saving of $200.00 or more every month that will not help to pay down my mortgage. I was also able to get a really low-interest rate with the VA loan that is way better then other types of loans banks will give you. By having a lower interest rate this will also help me have a lower monthly mortgage.

They say, "Knowledge is Power." Now that I know about the VA loan, thanks to American Hero Mortgage, I am sharing and educating with all military members the 3 key benefits of the VA loan which are: no down payment, low-interest rates & no PMI. Knowledge is not only power but knowledge about the VA loan will also save you a lot of money.

Abiud (Abi) Montes

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Posted by Morris Newman on April 19th, 2018 12:57 PM


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