Jason Edelstein - Firefighter

September 2nd, 2016 11:48 AM by Morris Newman

It was approximately 35 days ago (A fast close, all considering) when you saw the potential in a home for me that would eventually become the result of a lifetime of hard work, and a real dream come true.  Well today it finally hit me man,  I'm at 110% right now and I couldn't be happier...all thanks to you.  Without you my dream home in the Keys would have never come to fruition.  Your professionalism as my Mortgage Broker, coupled with your experience as a Real estate agent are unsurpassed.  You worked tirelessly with me the sellers agent, and my agent Kelly, as well as the closing staff with the bank until the bitter end...I don't know how you do it! Your calm and confident demeanor made it easy for me to believe in you, and boy did it pay off in spades.  My new friend... Thank you, thank you, words alone can't express how I feel right now...



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