Nestor Amores - Miami Dade Police Department

January 10th, 2017 3:46 PM by Morris Newman

Hello everyone first and foremost I want to start off by saying Thank you Morry for not only helping me in the purchase of my home and by making my dream come true. When I first met you I did feel excited with all the things you had to offer, but because of the other three people I attempted to use that were unreliable I had some type of doubts. However, despite of that you showed me loyalty and commitment. I really appreciate what you did for my family and I. We had originally planned to do the end of the year party in our new home. The closing date was on the December 23, 2016 and wanted to be in the new house by December 31,2016. I had some uncertainties in my head because of the holidays and everything being closed it wasn’t going to happen, but when I received a phone call from Morry telling me I got approved I was the happiest person out there. My dream of owning my own home came true. My family and I will always be grateful. Thank you



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